Ella Langley Teams Up with Koe Wetzel for New Song ‘That’s Why We Fight’

Ella Langley and Koe Wetzel dropped some heat on April 21st – the new single “That’s Why We Fight.” Langley is killing it right now in the scene and has over a million monthly listeners on Spotify with no signs of her slowing down, which was proven when her and Wetzel teamed up for the new tune.

Instrumentally, everything from the tone of the guitars to the booming drums is very on brand for their style of rock infused country, especially for Koe Wetzel. It’s a heavier sound that is kept grounded by Langley’s singing style and works well with his voice. The melody is very solid and delivered well throughout with some powerful lyrics. The production is top notch and basically kicks the door in from the beginning with its in-your-face aesthetic.

Koe Wetzel has been on top of the alternative country/rock ‘n’ roll (or whatever genre you’d like to put him in, which is honestly not even necessary) world for a while now and Ella Langley’s consistently fantastic releases as of late, like “Damn You” and “Country Boy’s Dream Girl,” show that she knows how to put together some awesome music and will definitely be gaining a lot of speed climbing the music ladder.

Give “That’s Why We Fight” a listen below and remember to keep up with both Wetzel and Langley’s music in the future!

Cover Photo by Caylee Robillard.

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