Austin Snell is the REAL DEAL, Drops New Single ‘Pray All The Way Home’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard of Austin Snell – one of Country and Rock’s fastest rising stars. He’s got all 4 of the “Nicky T Pillars” that we talk about here at Raised Rowdy: great songs, a distinct look, a voice that stands out, and some pretty big viral moments over the last year. 

Austin’s rise is coming at a perfect time given the current climate of crossovers between Rock and Country. We’re in a world where a mainstream Country act like Hardy can pull off a chart topper on Rock radio with a song like “Jack.” Austin is in that same vein, in that his style and vibe transcend just one singular genre. 

This latest smash “Pray All The Way Home” embodies that sentiment as much as anything that Snell has released thus far. It’s heavy, melodic, and filled with deep lyrics that anyone going through it can relate to. It’s also really, really exciting to see the team behind this song. You have some notable names that are known in the rock and country worlds like Cameron Walker (songs with All Time Low, SEVENTEEN, The Mowgli’s and more), Michael Whitworth (Jelly Roll, Pecos & The Rooftops, Koe Wetzel and many more), and to top it all off, one of our favorite producers (and hangs) in town, Andrew Baylis, who’s been instrumental in the recent rises of acts like Jelly Roll, Pecos & The Rooftops, Sleeping w/ Sirens and Koe Wetzel, just to name a few. 

Grouping Austin with guys that get the rock and country genres is truly a match made in musical heaven. The sounds are raw, heavy, and most importantly, real and true to what it seems Austin and his team are going for. 

“This song is really about the struggles that people, including myself, have to face every single day,” says Snell. “I think so many of us face the same challenges day in and day out and choose to bury the problems instead of fixing them. My hope is that people will see themselves in this song and feel less alone.”

The release of “Pray All The Way Home” comes on the heels of the recent announcement that Snell was the first artist co-signed via the joint venture between River House Artists and Warner Music Nashville, a HUGE partnership. He was also recently named a “Highway Find” by SiriusXM’s The Highway and the first country artist to be selected as a part of SiriusXM’s Artist Accelerator program.

His previous single, “Get There First,” was released in January of this year and was the follow-up to his debut track “Excuse the Mess,” released in September 2022. These songs, along with a cover of Cassadee Pope’s hit single “Wasting All These Tears,” have garnered more than 50 million streams to date.

Austin Snell’s rocket ship has only just begun to take flight. 2023 will be a year that features lots of music and opportunities for the Georgia native. I’m excited for all that, and to see one of the “Good Guys” win, but if I’m being honest what I think we’re most excited about here at Raised Rowdy is his touring calendar that’s growing more each day. If you see Austin coming to your neck of the woods, we highly recommend you get out to a show and catch one of our favorite vibes coming outta Nashville right now. 

Check out the podcast I did with Austin a few months back! 

For more on Austin Snell check out his website and give him a follow on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook

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