Palmer Anthony Drops His Newest Tune, ‘Ain’t You Sweet’

Fort Worth’s own Palmer Anthony released his newest song, “Ain’t You Sweet,” on the 14th of April. This one is hot off his last  single from January, “Sleep, My Mind & You,” and it is truly a worthy follow up.

Right from the a cappella intro through to the chorus, the melody is definitely an ear worm that sticks with you for a while. The instrumental element and low-key delivery by Anthony create a warm, airy aesthetic that is very pleasing to the ear. The drum shuffle and occasional guitar chirps are great touches, as is the bridge halfway through that is emphasized by some solid snare hits. It’s a classic example of a fun country tune that quite honestly makes you ready for the summer time. Whether that’s intentional or not, I have no idea. Maybe I’m just ready for warm weather… aren’t we all?

Regardless, Anthony always delivers some quality songs that are consistently fun listens. Give “Ain’t You Sweet” a listen below!

Cover Photo by Jason Evard.

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