Introducing July Moon and “Champagne Plans”

Who is July Moon? Well, when we are asked that, we’ll tell you that July Moon is one of the bands that we are most excited about that Nashville has to offer. Three part harmonies, lots of sass, and stage presence make this trio turn heads whether you watch them perform acoustically or in a full band setting.
Cassidy Daniels, Piper Bateman, and Braelyn Watt are the three beating hearts that make up July Moon. This Nashville based group draws musical influence and inspiration from acts like Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, The Chicks and many more to help create their sonic wave in the Country music scene.
Formed in 2020, July Moon has been taking their retro vibe to stages around the south, east, west and north with enough energy to be headlining major rooms here very soon.  The one thing they had been missing was a song to steer their fans to that showcases their sound. Well that time has come with their debut single “Champagne Plans”. It’s a vocal driven song about being just a little bit poorer than you would like and using that BUD LIGHT budget to make champagne plans.
“When we went in to write ‘Champagne Plans’, Vanessa came in with the title. I had just come back from a dive bar-filled weekend in North Carolina with my rowdiest friends and thought, “God almighty, we’re really on a Bud Light Budget making Champagne plans”. Justin and Vanessa ran with it and I pretty much just kept telling wild stories that ended up in the lyrics one way or another,” Cassidy Daniels explained.
Country music is having its Bell Bottom and 70s resurgence and folks like July Moon are taking that vibe to the next level.
July Moon is a collective of powerful vocalists with enough differences in each vocal to make their sound really special.
Piper told us “Champagne Plans is the embodiment of what we’re all trying to do in music, make it big time and live out our dreams. We joke about ‘manifestation’ and making our champagne plans come true, but at the core that’s really what this song is about!”
“Champagne Plans” is a song that definitely will give you a really good idea of what these three have to offer. Braelyn had this to tell us about the production on the final version of the song you get to hear today: “As soon as we brought it to life in the studio it immediately became a song that I found stuck in my head. I definitely love the energy of this song the most.”
Wild, loud, proud and full of ambition, July Moon is soon to be a force in the Country music world. With more songs to get your vibes right coming soon, it’s just a matter of time before you start hearing their music and voices across so many more stages. We are so excited to have gotten to know these wonderful souls and to be thoroughly entertained anytime they grace a stage.
In a world full of those trying to fit in, July Moon takes a step in the right direction of making all of us remember their name and voices. Country music has a bright future and July Moon is a big part of that.
“Champagne Plans” was written by Cassidy Daniels, Vanessa Olivarez and Justin Schipper.
Stream it everywhere you find your music and make sure to keep up with the gang on socials.

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