Jason Charles Miller Drops Eerie New Single ‘The River’

On March 27th, Jason Charles Miller released his newest single, “The River.” The Godhead lead vocalist has been making a run in the southern rock and country genre with some killer solo projects, this being his most recent. “The River” features some great guitar work and very catchy melodies that Miller has had quite the knack for in his work. The lyricism is great and maintains a dark theme, all while being supported by the heavy, groggy instrumentals. The production is solid and accents the rhythm section quite well, bringing the drums and bass equally to the forefront.

Miller said the following when summarizing his newest release:

“The lyrics were inspired by the 1849 California Gold Rush, along with Old Man Willow from The Lord of the Rings. The video, directed by Andrew Fogel, takes inspiration from The Odyssey with the river and the Sirens trying to pull the subject down to a watery grave.”

Jason Charles Miller has a lot of awesome music in his solo catalogue, so do yourself a favor and give “The River” a listen along with his previous work!

Cover Photo captured from Jason Charles Miller on Youtube.

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