Trenton Fletcher Rocks Out in New Single, “BOMFA”

Oklahoma Red Dirt artist Trenton Fletcher released another single on March 29th, and it’s a welcomed one. Fletcher has moved with the tide as a lot of musicians are doing at this moment out of the OK/TX area. Red Dirt and Texas music is no longer strictly country, which was arguably the case a couple decades back when bands like Cross Canadian Ragweed gave those scenes a rock edge. Continuing with the tradition, we’re presented with a great new release by Fletcher called “BOMFA.”

“BOMFA,” which stands for “back on my feet again”, kicks off with some punk rock downpicking and breaks into a southern rock-ish melody that is an absolute earworm. Fletcher’s vocals remain consistent throughout his releases, which is great. There’s no faking a voice to mix in with the new sound he’s going for – he stays the same and it still rocks. The solos are great, the production is fantastic and seeing him and his band tackle this style gets me pumped for future releases.

Give “BOMFA” by Trenton Fletcher a listen below.

Cover Photo from Trenton Fletcher on Instagram.

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