Mitchell Ferguson Drops Fresh New Single, ‘Hurt So Bad’

Perhaps one of the most unique and underrated artists in Texas right now, Mitchell Ferguson, released a new single that only he could perfect. “Hurt So Bad” dropped on April 7th, with his last release being “F.Y.S.” from last August. “F.Y.S.,” along with “Dramatic” (a collab with Drugstore Cowboy), were super different than what you’d expect to hear from Ferguson based on his work before that. These newest songs combine rock instrumentals, bluesy vocals and even some hip hop influenced beats. At first you may be skeptical, but I promise you that this is some of the catchiest and freshest music you’ve heard in a long while.

“Hurt So Bad,” like most of Ferguson’s music, is very relatable to most people at some point in their life. The songwriting is great, his delivery is top notch and falls really well between the hip hop drum pattern. Production is fantastic (shoutout Taylor Kimball) and really emphasizes the bass and driving guitar. A lot of Ferguson’s songs are anthemic in a way that people could scream the chorus and fist pump during a live show, and this is absolutely no exception.

We’re excited to see where he is heading from here and this cool new groove he’s found with his own style really fits him well. Listen to “Hurt So Bad” below and keep an eye and an ear out for some more new music coming from Mitchell Ferguson!

Listen below:


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Cover Photo from Mitchell Ferguson on Instagram.


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