Nate Jones Brings His Twist on Country Fusion with ‘Country As Me’

A distinct look, lyrics and songs that stick out, and a personality that connects with Country folks – Nate Jones checks ALL those boxes with his debut Country track “Country As Me”.  Leaning in on the vibe and little details about what makes the South and Country life what it really is (playful and fun), Nate is one of those cats that you know when he is in the room. In Nashville, that sometimes is hard to do. After being introduced to Nate from his co-writing with one of our favorite writers and artists, Jordan Gray (Two Wrongs), we have been paying close attention to where Nate was going with his artistry and where his musical adventure would steer him.

Nate told us a little bit about the mindset behind the song: “With ‘Country As Me,’ more than anything we just went into the studio and tried to have fun. The truth is I really do dress different and look different than a traditional country artist but at the end of the day I grew up in the middle of the sticks in South Carolina. People have lifted trucks, mud tires, and coolers in the back while listening to rap music. If you are REALLY from the country you know that. I love country music with all my heart. This is just my version of it.”

Whether you grew up in a town of 50 or 50 thousand, with an open mind and open ears you can hear the sentiment and Country roots that Nate and his crew capture in this track. While the process to get to this one might look different from when Garth Brooks cut No Fences, it honestly isn’t that different from modern songwriters that work with tracks daily and are building out the beat and melodies for the hit songs you know and love. Country is a way of life. This is actually part of a 4 song project Nate did together with Hanks and Talbot that will drop closer to Summer.

“We spent a lot of time trying to keep as much Nashville in it as possible, and I think we really landed in a cool place with it,” Nate detailed.

We couldn’t agree more. This track is an earworm and the playful banter really gives this track a Summer/ Good Time vibe.

Check out with video clip of Nate feasting on some Bojangles that is sure to make you grin like it did for us.


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Nate isn’t trying to take anything away from the Country scene, he is just a talented guy trying to carve out what Country is to him and we are HERE for it.

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