Them Dirty Roses Release Soulful New Album, ‘Lost in the Valley of Hate & Love Vol. 1’

Southern rock band, Them Dirty Roses, released their new album, Lost in the Valley of Hate & Love Vol. 1, on March 17th. It’s been six years since their first self-titled EP, followed by a string of singles leading up to this release, and man, were we pumped to get some new music from these guys. Consisting of front man James Ford, his brother Frank on drums, guitarist Andrew Davis and bassist Ben Crain, Them Dirty Roses started out as a gritty, blues-rock outfit that has evolved into a matured and soulful group while maintaining their original sound that makes them so unique. This record proves their staying power and there are definitely zero skippable tracks, in my humble opinion.

First up to bat is the opening song, “Holy Roller.” The pleasant acoustic intro then crescendos into a fantastic example of a modern rock ‘n’ roll melody. The gospel-like background vocals fit so well, and are a stand out point that’s consistent throughout the album. The production on “Sunday Drunk” is awesome, which is an example of yet another big step-up on this record. The sound is tight and satisfying sonically, just making you feel relaxed while rocking out. The following track is very reminiscent of The Allman Brothers Band instrumentally. “Ain’t No Need” really channels that bluesy aesthetic and contains some very matured songwriting with some exceptional lyrics strung together throughout.

“You Can’t” could be right out of the classic rock catalog and is a personal favorite on the album. There’s a wonderful drum shuffle holding it down that meshes perfectly with the guitars, groovy bass line, and Ford’s cadence in the verses leading to the chorus is a nice touch. “Good Life” includes guitar licks that would make Gary Rossington proud. The effects on the vocals produce a unique sound that adds a cool aspect to Ford’s distinctive vocals. “Black Magic Lady” and “Highway My Home” both have exceptional vocal performances and super infectious choruses with “Hell of a Note” concluding the record with some well-written storytelling that keeps you very engaged and bopping all the way through.

Them Dirty Roses is one of those bands who are carrying on the southern rock genre and making their own mark on it as well, and I encourage all of you to give Lost in the Valley of Hate & Love Vol. 1 a listen.

Article Cover Photo From Them Dirty Roses on Instagram.

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