It’s Time to Give Chase Rice a Second Chance

Chase Rice has been nothing less than realistic about his catalog of music so far. He knows that every song in his life has had purpose. Without songs like “Ready Set Roll” and other early hits, he wouldn’t be where he is today. Still, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t ready to take control of his career and create the music he wants. Chase has said that he idolizes artists like Eric Church, and wants his future sound to reflect that. So what did he do while recording his album I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go to Hell? He simplified the process. Sure, writing a song is never easy, but once he had everything he wanted to cut ready, he did it at his ranch. All the music you hear will be from actual instruments. It’s a refreshing approach in a time where special effects and sounds created on computers dominate the industry.
The first song we got off the album, “If I Were Rock & Roll” got released to radio but didn’t have much success. That doesn’t take away from the quality of the song though. I think it didn’t catch on because of how different sounding it is.

Following “If I Were Rock & Roll” we got “Key West & Colorado.” This song was inspired by an actual road trip that Chase took. The song was cowritten by Brian Kelley formally of Florida Georgia Line as well. Chase has been outwardly very proud of the song, claiming it might even be one of the best he’s ever written. Honestly, I think I agree with it. No disrespect to any of Chase’s older songs but it’s the first time I’ve heard Chase Rice and listened for the lyrics. He’s had some absolute bangers, but he never has told a story like this song does.

The third single off the new record was “Way Down Yonder.” This is a much more upbeat fun song than the last two. To me it sounds like a classic moonshine running song mixed with traditional western outlaw music. It’s a much different sound than… really anything in a long time. Before the song was released I had the pleasure of hearing Chase sing it live and concert. It’s a great compromise between a fun concert song and something you can take seriously.

Finally, we got “I Hate Cowboys.” The anti-Yellowstone song. The song is about how Chase was at a bar with his girl and got up to get another round. When he gets back, his girl is gone. She got smooth talked by a cowboy and left with him. I like that how it takes all the checklisty cowboy song things and puts a negative spin on it. He says they have stupid hats, he hates the jeans and boots they wear, the music they listen to, and everything about them. I like how his friends tell him that cowboys are good guys, but he doesn’t see it. I think this might be my favorite Chase song to date. It confirmed that this new Chase Rice chapter is going to be awesome.

I don’t understand why Chase isn’t much bigger than he is. I think people will start to see that he’s country. He owns a buffalo farm, what’s more country than that? His live show is reliably outstanding, and he might be the ultimate “Oh I forgot about this song, I love this song” guy. All I’m saying is that it’s time to give a second chance to a very underappreciated artist.

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