Greatest Band Ever, Limp Bizkit, Release New Music Video for ‘Out Of Style’

Photo from Fred Durst on Instagram.

Limp Bizkit, everybody’s favorite guilty pleasure, has released a music video for their song “Out Of Style.” The track was included on Limp’s 2021 album STILL SUCKS, which was a solid, fun album and very refreshing to hear when taking into consideration not only the nostalgia, but also the deviation from the monotony we sometimes get in the rock or metal scene. As an unironic fan of the band, any content from these guys is good content. Fred Durst and the rest of Limp have always been very self-aware and never took themselves too seriously. With that in mind, I present to you their newest music video.

There’s no reason for me to walk through the entire thing when you can just watch yourself, but a notable point is the use of various world leaders in a non-political way (crazy concept, I know). The only “message” Limp is giving here is world peace – something we can all agree on, right? Well, they do it the way only they can pull off. They deep-fake Putin, Biden and a few other faces on members of the band… and then they just party. Something about seeing a Vladimir Durst (or Fred Putin?) absolutely housing a beer bong is something we can all get behind.

That being said, give Limp Bizkit’s new “Out Of Style” video a watch. Wait, one more thing:

When will the haters admit these guys are good?

Eh, I don’t know. I’ll just keep on rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…


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