Charlie Hickman Band Delivers Powerful New Single, “Falling Like Flying”

Cover Photo by Chase Ryan.

Charlie Hickman Band, a group that is grinding on the Red Dirt scene and rising over the past couple years, released their newest single, “Falling Like Flying.” It’s been some months since the last time the put out new music, which was their August song, “Antique Souls,” so it’s a great way to kick off this year – both for the listener and the band. CHB really showed out on this one.

Right away you get a great foundation and constant throughout the tune is the sharp, driving acoustic riff that tears through you and sends chills. The vocal performance is outstanding and is almost reminiscent of David Gray in a way (think along the lines of Gray’s song “Babylon”). The melody is very somber throughout, sounding like a cry for help, but keeps you engaged at the same time. This is easily one of the best singles CHB has dropped so far and you can tell the boys put a lot in to this.

Listen below to hear Charlie Hickman Band’s newest single, “Falling Like Flying”!


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