Palmer Anthony Strikes Gold with Newest Single, “Sleep, My Mind & You”

Cover Photo by Desert Thorn Photography

A couple months after dropping his last single, “Forever Gone,” Palmer Anthony released his newest song, “Sleep, My Mind & You,” on the 27th of January. Anthony has been gaining steam over the past couple years and is cementing himself and finding his own sound as an artist in the Texas/Oklahoma scene. “Sleep, My Mind & You” is very well done and significant in a few ways.

For one, this is a beautifully produced song. The combination of its production as well as Anthony and his band’s performance is what makes this single flow so tightly and effortlessly. He is maturing a lot with each piece of work that he’s released when it comes to songwriting – this is evident with the word play and placement both in the title and actual lyrics. Instrumentally, the backbone created by the drums is fantastic once it kicks in, and there’s a nice warm guitar solo towards the end and the vocal performance is great as always.

Give Palmer Anthony’s “Sleep, My Mind & You” a listen below!


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