J Cash and White Zombie Had a Degenerate Baby in Cody Parks’ New Song ‘Thunder Cash ’69’

The classics. Many artists come up playing their own takes on tracks their idols have been singing. That’s not uncommon. But sometimes out of that homage comes something, well, different. That’s exactly the case with Cody Parks’ new release “Thunder Cash ’69”. 

“I’ve always played Folsom, but one day when we were rehearsing it, we figured we needed to make it more unique to us, because everyone plays the same ol’ version of that song. One of the guys started playing the Zombie riff and the rest was history. It started poppin’ at shows and on the socials, so we figured what the hell…let’s record it!” Cody exclaimed.

On the road to getting to play your own original songs, you end up playing a lot of songs other people wrote. That’s just part of the process. But it isn’t often that you get a track that fuses two songs together so well that it makes it have a life of its own. Cody does just that with this track and honestly we can’t get enough of it.

This will be the lead track off of their upcoming covers EP titled…Smothered and Covered.

Produced by Johnny Palmieri, we can’t wait to hear even more of this rock and country fusion. The Rural Rock Revolution is in full effect and we are HERE for it.

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