Shane Profitt is Going to Tell You “How It Outta Be”

I’m pumped to announce that the second coming of Luke Combs is here, and he’s about to take over the genre. If you haven’t heard of Shane Profitt yet, do yourself a favor and give him a listen.


Alright, now you can continue on sharing my excitement for this guy. He’s just country and has an amazing voice. No gimmicks, no tricks, just pure talent. Its working also, his debut single “How it Outta Be” is sitting in the mid-twenties on radio charts as you read this. Shane only has three other songs released at the moment, “Guys Like Me,” “Better Off Fishin’” and “Country Boys.” My personal favorite is “Country Boys.” It has a line in it that stuck with me, like no other lyrics have in a long time.

“Namin’ our huntin’ dog the color of their collars.”

It doesn’t get more country than that. Shane has that something to me that I’ve seen in a lot of other stars before they blew up, and I’m excited about it. He’s only 22 years old, he only learned guitar a few years ago, and he already is climbing up on the radio.

Alright so I’ve sold you on Shane. What should you do now? First, stream the shit out of his EP Country Boys. Next, go give him a follow on the socials. If you’re not sure this dude is actually country, his Instagram will make up your mind. My man loves to hunt, and posts about it all the time. He reminded me of one of my buddies. Everyone has one, the buddy who everyone loves, and is a great dude. you know the one I’m talking about. Thats the vibe I get from Shane.

I’m excited to be seeing Shane for the first time this week. He’s doing an acoustic set, meaning that his talent will be on full display without a band or special effects. I’m confident it’ll be amazing and further confirm how I think of him. Shane Profitt is a dude, so hop on the bandwagon before he’s a massive superstar.

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