Matt Williams Drops Relatable New Single ‘Maybe Next Time’

Cover Photo by Shiloh Hughes

Matt Williams dropped his new single, “Maybe Next Time,” on the 9th. Williams has been turning heads around Oklahoma and Texas for a while now with his contributions to the growing rock sound coming from that area. This newest song is very strong and produced wonderfully, complete with a somber tone throughout with him and his band laying it down with passion and grit. The vocal performance is excellent, showing yet again that this rock-oriented style is a perfect fit for Williams and his band. His brother, Mason, is credited as the writer of this one and it is a great example of his songwriting maturing and getting better with each release.

Maybe Next Time is about the scars left from a terrible connection in my past. It shows how powerful being unstable is and how hard it is to get out of that state,” he explains. “A lot of the angst in this song is influenced from promises that cannot be kept and words that shouldn’t have been said. As the song progresses, it hints to a more hopeful tone which stems from finding something to pull you out of where you are. Ultimately this song encapsulates the harsh feeling of having to move on and saying to yourself, ‘maybe next time’.”

Listen to “Maybe Next Time” below and make sure to follow and support Matt Williams!


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