Palmer Anthony Drops New Single ‘Forever Gone’

Cover Photo by Claiborne Myers

Fort Worth based singer-songwriter Palmer Anthony has released a new single called “Forever Gone.” After his last album Western & Roll, he established himself as a solid up-and-comer in the Texas/Oklahoma scene. This new song being a follow-up is another rung up the ladder. Anthony is maturing as a songwriter, and he is piecing together some solid tunes along the way. “Forever Gone” can be interpreted as a story of a “shitty breakup”, as Anthony put it. He explained, “If you’ve ever been lied to in a relationship, or lead on, or the Stockyards stole your girl/guy, I wrote this song for you”. The instrumentation is also very good. The classic western slide and grit is very present in this single, along with the shuffling of the snare and twangy guitar solo.

Please give “Forever Gone” a listen and familiarize yourself with Palmer Anthony by listening to his previous album, Western & Roll!


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