The Randy Rogers Band Releases Ninth Studio Album ‘Homecoming’

For two decades now, The Randy Rogers Band has been paving the way for modern Texas country musicians like Parker McCollum, Cody Johnson and many, many more. On October 14th, they released their ninth studio album, Homecoming. Produced by the great Radney Foster, this record takes us back to the old days of the band whether it be by songwriting, melody, or overall aesthetic of the album.

Homecoming is a renaissance orchestrated by Radney Foster,” Rogers states, regarding how the record came to be. “We went back to our roots working with Radney again as well as recording this record at two iconic studios that produced some of our most successful music. Dance with the ones that brought you.”

Diving into the album, you automatically pick up on the familiar sound of the early work of RRB. “I Won’t Give Up” is very airy sonically – maybe even a “beach sound.” This strong opening track includes a great hook off the bat with the fiddle standing out while complimenting the other instruments throughout the song. Up next is “Nothing But Love Songs,” composed of a pristine melody and fantastic lyricism, followed by “Fast Car.” This track sounds very much like a classic RRB tune from back in the 2000s, which is the first obvious example of the nostalgic road the band and Foster wanted to go down not only with this song, but the entire record.

Photo by Andrew Quinn.

“Over You Blues” is a relatable take on moving on, which is accomplished by Rogers’ ability to mirror life so well with his songwriting and ability to convey it through music. What is also strong throughout this record is the musicianship, which is typical of RRB. A prime example is the next track, “Leaving Side Of Town,” which is a somber song lyrically, but is pleasant sounding instrumentally, matching a downer situation with an up-tempo melody. The band’s artistry and ability to do this is what you’d expect out of them. A personal favorite is the following song, “Picture Frames.” With this tune we get great songwriting and very clever wordplay.

“Know That By Now” starts out slow, but crescendos as the track goes on thanks to the thumping rhythm section that chugs along and helps the build-up. “Small Town Girl Goodbye” is another one that has that classic RRB sound. There is a boot-scootin’ honky tonkin’ element to this song that makes this another favorite on the record. Up next is a relatable tearjerker that is titled “Heart For Just One Team.” This tune is sad on the surface, but also happy in the sense of nostalgia and all the memories that the subject has made. Rounding out the album are two strong tracks called “Where’d You Run Off To” and “Bottle Of Mine,” which are perfect songs to close out Homecoming.

RRB have a great track record throughout their career with some of the biggest staples in modern Texas country and Homecoming will surely not disappoint. Listen to some of the new record below!


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