Austin Meade Releases Surprise Single ‘Darker Shade of Blue’ Just Ahead of New Album

Cover Photo by Dalton Robason

Just ahead of his album release, Austin Meade has surprised us with a new single. Abstract Art Of An Unstable Mind will drop on October 14th, but before that we get “Darker Shade of Blue,” his fifth single from the record. It’s obviously hard to judge before work gets released, but it looks as though this will be one of those albums in Meade’s catalogue that we will look back on and count as one of his most pivotal in music direction. It’s been said time and time again that he can pull off each style he’s attempted very well by adding his own personal flare to it, but the tunes we’ve heard so far for the upcoming record all completely stand on their own in their unique sound and attitude.

For example, “Darker Shade of Blue” brings a different tone when compared to the funk filled “Red Roof Estates” or the retro Pop-punk styled “Loser Mentality.” “Darker Shade of Blue” has a certain gloomy, dark aesthetic and certainly delivers that emotion directly to your dome. The effects add such an ominous and spacey vibe, while Meade and his band’s signature guitar riffing and thumping rhythm section cements their familiar sound while keeping it fresh. Not to mention, if you’ve been to any of his live shows in recent times, you’ve been hearing this one performed for a long time and are probably super hyped that we can finally hear the studio version as well.

Listen to “Darker Shade of Blue” below and remember to check out Austin Meade’s upcoming record, Abstract Art Of An Unstable Mind, on October 14th.

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