An Introduction to Jade Eagleson and His Top 10 Songs

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Jade Eagleson might be the most successful country artist that you’ve never heard of. He has four #1 songs. He has two major albums. His sophomore album, “Honky Tonk Revival,” was the 2022 best-selling country album of the year. Why haven’t you heard of him if he’s had all this success? Well, he’s done it all in Canada. Alright Chris, why should I care about some Canadian guy who I’ve never heard of? Well, because just like Borat, he’s coming to America.


That’s right boys and girls, Jade Eagleson is coming here! The man who is destroying the game in Canada is coming for your radio. His debut song, “Got Your Name On It” came out in 2018, and went YouTube viral. The song at the time of this writing has 74 million views. The video also features Marina Paquin, his beautiful co-star that he liked so much, he married. Funny enough, Jade met her on the set. The couple now have a child together as well. Talk about a song changing your life – no one can claim that more than Jade.

Despite all the success the song brought him, it didn’t go number 1 in Canada. The first song that did for him was his third single, “Lucky.” His second album Honky Tonk Revival brought Jade even more success. All three of the singles “All Night to Figure It Out,” ”More Drinkin’ Than Fishin,’” and “She Don’t Know” went number 1 in Canada. “She Don’t Know” was also the highest ranking all genre Jade has had so far, going to #57.

That brings us to his current single “Shakin’ in Them Boots.” The song was released on August 5th and is already in the top 20 in Canada. The song feels like a continuation of “Honky Tonk Revival” but with a little more of a 90s twist on it. It’s a fun, high energy, redneck party song.

If you’re a fan of Justin Moore I promise you’re going to love Jade Eagleson. Now that you’re all caught up on his history, and you’re going to look up his entire discography, let me give you a little heads up on where to start. There really are no bad songs with Jade, but in my opinion, these are his top 10.

10. “Whiskey Thinks I Am”

9. “Close”

8. “She Don’t Know”

7. “Still Gunna Be You”

6. “Rather Be Single”

5. “Shakin’ In Them Boots”

4. “Count The Ways”

3. “All Night To Figure It Out”

2. “More Drinkin’ Than Fishin”

1. “Got Your Name On It”

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