Josh Meloy Releases Top-Notch New EP, ‘Turning Point’

Singer-songwriter Josh Meloy has been rapidly growing in popularity throughout the Red Dirt scene this past year, and deservedly so. He has certainly found his place in the songwriting boom that is currently taking place in the Oklahoma/Texas area and every song he has released has turned out better than the last, which proves that he is a real player in the genre. On September 23rd, Meloy released his newest EP, Turning Point. The record overall is a fantastic collection of songs that have proven once again that he shows no signs of slowing down.

“The Road” kicks it off with an old school inspired sound that features an outstanding vocal performance by Meloy accompanied by great guitar work and a chugging drum pattern, cementing the tempo. “You Here Tonight,” which was the last single he released before the EP, includes wonderful harmonization and also has Meloy’s gritty voice mixing with the mellow sound perfectly. After “Lake of Fire,” a story conveyed perfectly through his songwriting, we get his own take on the hymn “I Saw the Light.” With elements of folk and bluegrass, Meloy pulls it off effortlessly. All of the string instruments on this track blend together incredibly without stepping on any toes.

All in all, you’re looking at a very solid record. Make sure to check out Turning Point yourself to experience some fantastic songwriting.


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