Rowdy Pick’em Week 3 – We Have A Lead Change

Week 2 of the NFL season has come and gone. Some teams got massive wins. The Packers and Rams changed the trajectory of their seasons after getting in the W column. Other teams like the Raiders and Bengals continue to stink. Both teams have fallen into 0-2 holes in this young season. Some franchises such as my New York Football Giants continue to be on a roll. Two teams with rookie QBs currently serving as backups, the Titans and Steelers, are already hearing it from the crowd. As we look to week 3, there are plenty of storylines to follow, and the drama will continue to intensify.

As for the Raised Rowdy Pick’em, we saw some major movement on the leaderboard. The two leaders from last week, myself and Jacob… done. Both of us had terrible weeks. I dropped from tied from 1st to tie for 3rd. Jacob dropped from tied for 1st to tie for 5th. We now have a new tie for first place, as Peyton and Stacie both went 4-1 and climbed to the top. The season is still very early, and the gap between first and last right now is still only 3 games.


Last Week Overall Record Games Back


4-1 7-3


4-1 7-3
Nick 3-2 6-4



2-3 6-4 1
Sara 3-2 5-5



3-2 5-5 2
Jacob 1-4 5-5


Evan 2-3 4-6


Now we get to look forward to week 3, where we have four primetime matchups that are almost straight up pick’ems. The best matchup in college is a rivalry SEC matchup between the #20 Florida Gators and the #11 Tennessee Volunteers. Historically, Florida has owned the Volunteers in football. In fact, they currently lead them 31-20 in the head-to-head matchup. But, Tennessee will be at home in Neyland Stadium looking to hunt the Gators down and turn them into dinner. Here are the rest of the matchups:

Browns (-4.5) vs Steelers

Raiders (-2) vs Titans

49ers (-1.5) vs Broncos

Cowboys vs Giants (-2.5)

Florida vs Tennessee (-10)


Now, let’s take a look at who our writers picked for this week…



Browns (-4.5) vs Steelers Raiders (-2) vs Titans 49ers (-1.5) vs Broncos Cowboys vs Giants (-2.5)

Florida vs Tennessee (-10)


Steelers Raiders 49ers Giants Florida
Evan Steelers Raiders 49ers Giants



Steelers Raiders Broncos Cowboys Tennessee
Peyton Steelers Titans 49ers Cowboys



Steelers Titans 49ers Giants Florida
Sam Steelers Titans Broncos Cowboys



Steelers Titans Broncos Cowboys Florida
Stacie Steelers Titans 49ers Giants


All 8 of us are on the underdog Steelers, so that makes Thursday’s game a wash. But if you look after that we have almost all clean splits. If all goes the way we hope, this should set up a lot of movement on the leaderboard. Check back next week to see how it goes, and happy gambling to everyone!

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