Carter Smith Releases the First Florida State University Country Song

Cover Photo by: Trey Bonner

This year, we have seen a number of country songs about colleges from artists such as Conner Smith and Megan Moroney. However, most college references in country music are about the typical large SEC schools like Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, etc.  You’d think Florida State University, being a top 10 party school, would have some sort of country song. Granted, they are an ACC school with average athletic programs (don’t shoot the messenger), but they have quite a large fan base… especially in the south.

As of Friday, September 16th, Florida State now can be added to the short list of colleges with a country song. This new single, titled “You & FSU”, is Carter’s 5th single to be released to all platforms. A native of Fort Myers, Florida, and former baseball player at Florida State University, it was only a matter of time before Carter wrote a banger about FSU. Carter was one of the players that helped lead the Seminoles to the 2019 College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska. While at Florida State, he developed a more serious love for music. He released his first single, “Paradise”, while still playing baseball. He was unknowingly entered into the Seminoles Got Talent event by his teammates in 2019 and ended up winning the talent show.

Carter teased his new single on Tik Tok by putting the sound over a video of his best memories while at FSU both off the field and on the field. The video currently has 330K+ views with 34K+ likes and is still growing. With the support that it has gotten, Carter was offered the opportunity to have a release party at the famous Florida State venue, Potbelly’s, during its notorious happy hour. He also received the opportunity to hit the radio for the first time and did two radio interviews in Tallahassee.

The upbeat, nostalgic, love song highlights a relationship with a girl at Florida State that left Tallahassee upon graduation and headed to California as he headed back down to south Florida. The relationship didn’t work out, as they went their separate ways. The great memories made at FSU are with this girl, and as he reflects on the memories, he tends to miss all of the times he had with her in Tallahassee. Whether you’re a graduate of Florida State or not, this song can make you reminisce on those wild and wonderful college memories (at least the ones you can remember…).

I had a chance to sit down with Carter and ask him a few questions. Here’s how it went:

Where are you from?

I am from Fort Myers, Florida. It’s about 2 hours south of Tampa and 45 minutes north of Naples.


When did you first get into music?

I first got into music when my Aunt and Uncle bought me my first guitar for my 16th birthday! I didn’t really pick it up and start playing consistently until I was about 17 or 18.


What do you think makes you stand out from other country artists? 

I feel like my background in sports and growing up by the beach gives my sound, lyrics, and vibe a different feel than most country artists.


What inspired “You & FSU”?

The inspiration for “You and FSU” came when me and a buddy realized that Florida State doesn’t have its own country song and they would probably love one. The next day I wrote You and FSU.


How has your journey been since you moved to Nashville? 

It’s been very fast paced and fun… stressful at times, but fun. We have been working really hard on new music, promotion, playing writers rounds and shows. It’s all been happening pretty fast, but it’s definitely fun.


What is your dream collaboration?

This is a tough one. If I could have a dream collaboration it would 100% be a song with Post Malone and Morgan Wallen. I think that’d be absolutely electric.


How has “You & FSU” impacted your life thus far?

It’s opened up a ton of doors for me in my career recently and I’m able to put out more music confidently knowing more people will get the chance to hear it!


How do you feel playing college baseball prepared you for the music industry?

I feel like my college baseball days prepared me for the music industry in multiple ways, but one of the ways is to bring the intensity and work ethic in the business side of the music industry. Baseball is a lot of off the field work (i.e. gym, mobility, class, etc.) and music is similar as there is a lot of work to be done off stage that many people don’t see on a daily basis and it’s something we’re working on and getting better at every day.


What is your favorite Florida State memory? 

100% walking it off at LSU to send us to the College World Series.


What is your pre-show drink of choice?

Depends on the time of year… I’d have to say a chilled shot of anything I can get my hands on.


How would you describe yourself as an artist to someone who has not heard of you before?

I would describe myself as a guy who wants to put out upbeat music that people can enjoy consistently. My lyrics have a coastal flair to them without reaching too hard in the Kenny Chesney scene.


What is one message you have for your fans?

If you guys keep streaming and liking my music, I’ll keep putting stuff out… every stream, every follow, and every like is really appreciated. The more you guys do that, the more excited I get to put music out and play shows for y’all.


What can we expect next from Carter Smith?

You can expect a lot of new music coming out within the next 5-6 months as well as more shows!

Listen to “You & FSU” HERE



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