Alex Maxwell Tells You About What “Somebody’s Hometown” Really Means

It’s more than just a road sign. That’s the story Alex Maxwell and his co-writers (Josh Mirenda and Ben Goldsmith) explain in his new track “Somebody’s Hometown”.
Alex had this to tell us about the new single: “The whole idea of ‘Somebody’s Hometown’ came from driving down the interstate and passing through towns thinking when somebody crosses these exit signs, that is their breath of fresh air. It doesn’t really matter where a hometown is for someone, a hometown is a hometown and carries hometown feelings.”
Those road signs are someone’s most nostalgic ideas, that feeling of home, or the comfort you get from a long hug with a family member. They represent something more than just the name on that plot of land. They represent the people that fill that place. They represent family and it brings back memories.
Alex took this song to his co-producer Grady Saxman at Saxman Studios to help get the sound exactly right. Alex brought in the rock lick you hear on the track – one that at first listen I said sounded a lot like a Jason Aldean track (which Alex said makes sense if you take a look at Josh Mirenda’s writing credits). But the song comes to life in a pretty powerful way and is part of a string of singles Maxwell has put out that I really enjoy.
If you don’t know Alex, you will soon. He is a staff writer at Sony and the pride of Pittsburgh, PA. Alex has been on the climb with his songwriting, production, and song releases over the last few years and he is really making a name for himself in music city. We are very sure that the folks of his hometown are darn proud that Alex’s roots started growing in Western PA.
So give this new one a listen. It will get you thinking a lot more about those road signs and what they mean to so many, just like what that one that reads Deer Lakes means to Alex and his family.

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