Houston Bernard Takes ‘Ever Gonna Be’ to Texas Radio

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A lot of people reading this probably don’t know who I am. Over time that’ll change. The first thing you should know is that writing with Raised Rowdy isn’t my first endeavor in country music blogging. I started my own blog at the end of 2020 called Beats Beer Bonfires. Recently, I ended that blog in favor or joining RR. Still, I learned so much writing on my own. Some awesome experiences presented themselves from having my own blog. One of those was meeting and interacting with some fantastic local artists. Some of these artists I might’ve never heard of if I was just a casual country music fan. Of all these talented up and coming artists, Houston Bernard might be my favorite. If you have never heard of Houston, let me give you a quick run-down. Houston was born in Oklahoma and raised in Alaska. His introduction to country music came by way of his uncle, Johnny Bernard. Johnny was a musician and songwriter in Nashville. He had success, writing the song “Muddy Mississippi” for Reba and touring with Tanya Tucker. Johnny opened the world of country music up to Houston.

Houston is a proud veteran. He served 9 years in the Army as a Specialist Master Fitness Trainer, and Water Purification & Petroleum Specialist. After his discharge, Houston decided to dive headfirst into music. In 2013 he released his first self-titled EP. Then in 2015, he released the album Knockin’ Boots. Since, he’s released a stream of singles. Recently, he decided to take his music to radio. His latest song, “Ever Gonna Be” is sitting at #69 on the Texas Country Radio Chart after 5 weeks. With each single he releases, you can feel the momentum growing.

The airplay is getting there, but anyone who has seen Houston live knows that he is built for the stage. Mixing covers and his original songs, Houston has the ability to keep his audience engaged. The best part of his set is the song “People We Are.” It’s an original cut, and the chorus is easy to learn and sing along to, which allows the crowd to get into it. It also helps that the song as American as Bud light and apple pie. Listen to the song below!


Houston has gained a lot of traction as an opener in the New England area for major acts. Last summer, I saw him open for Granger Smith in New Hampshire. I was nervous for him when he walked out with just two guitars, no other band, in front of a Granger Smith-hungry crowd. I shouldn’t have been though – he killed it. I was blown away at the well-deserved ovation that he received after his hour set. Houston has opened for artists such as Luke Bryan, Old Dominion, and Montgomery Gentry. For the people of New England, he is starting to become a household name. At the various bars I’ve run into him at, he brings life to the room better than almost any local band. He isn’t the local singer who can play a little guitar at the local bar on weekends. He is a full-blown entertainer.

Over the past few years, Houston has started to try and make the jump to the national stage. I would miss him a lot in New England, but he is making the right choice. The thing I like most about Houston is that he has talent, but he’s a better human. It’s cliché, but every time I’ve had the chance to talk to him, it’s great conversation. Country music could use a few more people like him. Go spin the shit out of “Ever Gonna Be” and support Houston. If you’re in New England, check out his tour dates. If you’re in Texas, he’s coming your way in October so don’t miss him! If you’re anywhere else, expect him to be coming your way very soon!

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