Red Dirt Legends The Great Divide Release New Single ‘Good Side’

Photo provided by Sarah Frost.

If you know anything about Red Dirt, you absolutely recognize the name: The Great Divide. The influential group has come back after almost 2 decades to release their first single, “Good Side,” off their upcoming record. “Good Side” can be described as a mental journey to find the good in life, especially after the last couple of years.

The Great Divide putting out new music is quite a big deal to the fans of the Red Dirt scene. If you ask any musician who was around that area in the early 2000s who some of their influences are, more than likely they will be mentioned. The thought of a new album is definitely an exciting one. Frontman Mike McClure explains the message of the upcoming record like this:

“The overall arc of the record is dealing with time; it asks how much time we have left in our lives and how we want to spend the remaining years. It’s about admitting the areas where work is needed and putting in the effort to do something about it.”

Keep an eye out for The Great Divide’s new work coming very soon and in the meantime, listen to “Good Side” below!


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