Megan Moroney Releases “Tennessee Orange” Just in Time for Gameday

Last we heard, rumors were swirling and a small town ex had Megan Moroney heartbroken in a “Hair Salon”.  A heart-wrenching tale of her visit to the stylist really put Megan on the map and the song truly deserves an article all its own.  Last week though, she was calling mom with some big news:

“Mama I’m calling, I’ve got some news
Don’t you tell daddy, he’ll blow a fuse
Don’t worry I’m doing okay
I know you raised me
to know right from wrong
It ain’t what you think,
And I’m still writing songs
Just never thought I’d see the day
I’ve never felt this way”

Megan admits he’s got her doing things she never dreamed and her mom is concerned.  But this boy opens her doors and doesn’t leave her crying and Mom is starting to think she likes it. Dad, on the other hand, still can’t stand him and Megan knows it’s because “In Georgia they’d call it a sin, I’m wearing Tennessee Orange for him!”  I guess Zach Bryan was right, there really is “Something in the Orange”.

Megan’s falling fast for the boy with blue eyes that makes her feel right at home.  It sure ain’t Athens, she says, but here she is learning the words to “Rocky Top”.  She went from heartbroken in a “Hair Salon” to having her heart stolen on gameday. The writing is so strong that you can picture her taking his hat off the dash and wearing it around at the tailgate.  As the song played out in my mind I couldn’t help but picture another Tennessee football love story, “Had Me by Halftime” (Morgan Wallen).  It really makes you wonder, is that how they met?   Are they actually the same story?? From two different perspectives???  I don’t know, we’ll leave the gossip to Bernadette down at the salon.

What I do know is Megan has now released two killer songs in a row that get you all up in your feels.  For more Megan Moroney, check out her Pistol Made of Roses EP she released back on July 15th.

After hearing this song, Are You Ready for Some Football?  I know I am, so I’m creating a Raised Rowdy Gameday Playlist to get you hyped for College Football.  Here are some of the first songs that came to my mind and their associated teams.  Leave your team’s gameday song in the comments and let’s create the playlist for gamedays this fall.

– Megan Moroney: “Tennessee Orange” (Tennessee Vols)

– Morgan Wallen: “Had Me By Halftime” (Tennessee Vols)

– Conner Smith: “I Hate Alabama” (Almost Every School)

– Garth Brooks: “Calling Baton Rouge” (LSU Tigers)

– Jordan Davis: “What My World Spins Around” (LSU Tigers)

– Ray Fulcher: “Love Ya Son, Go Dawgs” (Georgia Bulldogs)

– John Denver: “Country Roads” (West Virginia)

– Metallica: “Enter Sandman” (Virginia Tech Hokies)

– ACDC: “Hells Bells” (Every 3rd and 4th Down for the Defense at Home)

– The White Stripes: “Seven Nation Army” (Almost Every Kickoff)

– Archie Eversole: “We Ready” (Opening Kickoff / Intros)

– Wiz Khalifa: “Black and Yellow” (Teams that wear…  you figure it out)

-Guns N’ Roses: “Welcome to the Jungle” (Teams with Tiger mascots)

– Fall Out Boy: “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” (Remaining Kickoffs, see above)

– Carrie Underwood: “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” (Sunday Night Football)

– Hank Williams Jr.: “All My Rowdy Friends are Coming Over Tonight” (Monday Night Football)

– Big & Rich: Comin’ to Your City (ESPN College Gameday)

-Luke Combs: “South on Ya”  (SEC Network)






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