Bryan Frazier Turns It Up to 10 with ‘Put Me In A Bar’ (Early Listen)

Whether it’s in your hometown or a new city you have never been to, we all know where home is… Yeah, it’s on that empty bar stool, drink in hand, jukebox cranked with some rowdy tunes. Good times and good vibes. Hell we might even buy a round of shots cause why not. This good timing sentiment is explored with a CATCHY hook and some rocking instrumentation in Bryan Frazier’s newest tune “Put Me In A Bar”. Written by some of our favorite degenerates, Dawson Edwards, Bryan Frazier, Eli Locke and Marc Oriet, no wonder this one is a good time.

The pride of Winchester Virginia, Bryan Frazier told us “It was an idea I had for a while actually. It may seem crazy but it’s hard to write a good fun uptempo country song that doesn’t come off as cheesy. Me and my close songwriting collaborators Dawson Edwards, Marc Oriet, Eli Locke went full in on how to turn this hook into something that we would love to party to and sing in a crowded bar every night. There’s just something about playing a song live like this that will never get old. So crack a busch latte, grab a stool, and crank this one up to ten Raised Rowdy style. Cause that’s what it was made for. ”

The track came together with Alex Maxwell at the production helm at Saxman Studios. With a class of good ole boys like this it is no wonder we can’t stop listening to this one.
So give this bad boy a listen. You won’t be able to get it out of your head once you do!


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