Koe Wetzel Releases New Rocker ‘Creeps’

Koe Wetzel released his newest single, “Creeps,” on August 26th. It’s clear that he is diving deep into his alternative rock side and we are 100% here for it. This, along with his past single “April Showers,” further goes to show that the work to come from Wetzel, along with his very anticipated upcoming album, is going to be a whole new direction that will show off his band’s ability to evolve and shift into different genres. “Creeps” is a straight up rock tune that sounds like it’s straight out of the ’90s. The hook is immaculate and the guitar work pulls you in like no other.

Also released is the music video for “Creeps,” and in true Koe fashion it is dark. The video features Wetzel taking down zombies like Rick Grimes in a post-apocalyptic world, all while trying to save his love from the creatures. I don’t want to spoil it, but it ends like most of his videos. It makes you say… “what the f***?”

All that being said, check out “Creeps” and make sure to give the music video a watch below!


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