Get To Know Nashville’s Rising Artist, Bailey James and Her New Single ‘Don’t Need Ya’

Bailey James brings the heat with her latest single, “Don’t Need Ya.” A scathing declaration against this person’s continued existence in James’ life. The track opens with a crackling effect reminiscent of old audio recordings, creating a stellar atmosphere. This song is so powerful with the vocal melody alone that the guitar and the beat add even more flavor. Bailey’s inflections make the song’s tone even more precise. Her voice is so mature and sultry while still being transparent and genuinely soothing. Bailey James has made hit after hit, which is not surprising, but she hits us with something different, yet brilliant, every time.

Here at Raised Rowdy, we had the chance to sit down with Bailey James and really get to know her as an artist. See the full interview below.

Where were you originally from?  Levittown PA, right outside of Philadelphia 

When did you move to Nashville? Four years ago 

What made you decide to move to Nashville? The team I was working with at the time said if I wanted to work in the country music field it would be better for me to move to Music City.  Going back and forth each month via car was hard. 

When did you start singing?  Seriously around 11 years old.  I signed up for a talent show and fell in love with performing. It was also the first time my parents heard me sing and they instantly started supporting me into the music world. 

Musical Influencers. Patsy Cline, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and I love the songwriting of Jason Isbell. 

Perfect Co-Writer: Nolan Neal.  He recently passed and I had the honor of writing most of my songs that I released this past year with Nolan.  I am grieving deeply and I am having a very hard time right now.  I haven’t written a song since he passed away last month.  My new single Don’t Need Ya was co-written with Nolan and John Allen Miller and Nolan produced the song. I know I will stop grieving so heavily but right now it is a major loss to me in my career and my love for him as a human being.

Tell us who Bailey really is and how you were ‘Raised Rowdy.’

In reality I am shy, but I do love to go out and be wild.  Music has helped me come out of my shell and find different parts of myself that some would think is a bit “too rowdy”.  I grew up in a trailer home when I was younger.  I was raised to be myself and not be afraid to show people the good and the rowdy or wild side.  I am not one to be held back.  Fact, I am more stubborn than most people I know. 

You have a really large and loyal fan base.  Tell us all something that might surprise everyone.

I just recently launched my own foundation called This came from my own personal struggles with my mental health.  I lost my older brother to suicide five years ago and that really handed me a lot of trauma and is where my mental health issues began.  I wanted to start because I want people to know more about me, my authentic self and not just the glossy social media view that is presented about my career. I want to inspire other people to open up and share their truth like I have done.  That is the first step to finding healing.

Fun Facts:

  1. I am classically trained in opera
  2. Favorite Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper
  3. After gig rituals: McDonalds or Waffle house with my band
  4. Favorite Animal.  I have a cat named Biggie Small. I am a cat lady
  5. Favorite Movie: Goodfellas
  6. Favorite Gamer Game: Mafia 3
  7. Wishlist for travel: Ireland, Germany
  8. My real middle name is James which is how I got my Stage Name.
  9. Favorite Shoes:  No Shoes, I am known to kick off my shoes on stage.

What can we expect from you coming up in the next few months? 

I am releasing a bunch of singles, music videos, full band shows, a Christmas project and hopefully spend some quality time back North during the holidays. 

Bailey James has a lot more in store for 2022, so be sure to be on the lookout for new music releases. You can stay connected with Bailey here:

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