The Lowdown Drifters Release New EP ‘Cheating On A Memory Chapter 2’

In mid-June, Washington State’s premier country band, The Lowdown Drifters, released Chapter 1 of Cheating On A Memory. Now we have the next bundle of tracks to hold us over. Cheating On A Memory Chapter 2 was dropped on August 19th and boy, the songs on this are gold. An important thing to know with each chapter is that they are all focused on experiences the band has had over the recent years including COVID, moving to Texas, taking the next step musically, songwriting, and ultimately the strain all of that puts on relationships.

In addition to the band itself, there were some talented individuals who put their work into this EP. The songs were recorded in Fort Worth with producer TimLightyear (Timothy Allen) and feature the help of Scarlett Deering, Marty Rifkin, Jordan Nix, Taylor Hunnicutt and Drew Harakal. Diving in to the tracks, we’re looking at a great listen. “Like I Had A Choice” opens with a big, booming presence that includes a rolling drumbeat throughout. Very reminiscent of Charley Crockett, “Daylight” features a very traditional and old school western sound. “Mistakes” is a very fun, uptempo tune that is almost a rockabilly song and “Two Lanes” has an infectious riff throughout, the instruments mesh well, and it gives us great lyrics.

Make sure to stream The Lowdown Drifters and their new EP, Cheating On A Memory Chapter 2!


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