Trey Lewis Finally Closes the Door with New Single “How Bout We Don’t”

Sometimes a relationship is HAGGARD. You know he/she isn’t the one or HELL maybe at one time you thought they were, but there comes a time when you are fully aware that the back and forth rollercoaster of emotions needs to come to a FIRM STOP.  No more late night calls, no more passing glances at the bar. NO more trying to make it work. Stop the bleeding and let that critter stop living rent free in your head. BUTTTT sometimes you need that one last go ’round. Is it an AWFUL idea? Always. Do we sometimes still do it? OF COURSE. Trey Lewis encapsulates that “this is probably the last time” sentiment in his newest song “How Bout We Don’t”.

Photo: Caylee Robillard

Trey told us about the track: “Breakups and makeups don’t always have to be messy. Sometimes it’s easy to forget why it ended. If you have found yourself in the heat of the moment connecting with someone you know you shouldn’t be then this song is for you. After a breakup it’s normal to question if you made the right decision so I know everyone can relate.” 

So it’s on to the next thing, and with the help of songs like this you should have your foot on the gas trying to find someone that is actually worth your time…or a really nice critter you met on the road. Who are we to judge?
Produced by : Jake Rose, Jason Gantt
Written by: Jake Rose, Jason Gantt, Trey Lewis
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