EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: The Comancheros Release ‘Yellow Roses’

Cover Photo provided by The Comancheros

The jukebox jukin’, shit kickin’, southern rock phenomenon known as The Comancheros are releasing their newest single, “Yellow Roses,” August 19th on streaming platforms, but you can listen to it here early exclusively on Raised Rowdy. The song will be featured on their upcoming album, Memphis to Mexico, and it can certainly be described as the band themselves call it: heavy and western.

The 3-piece from Missouri has shared the stage with artists like Whiskey Myers, Blackberry Smoke, The Cadillac Three and Alabama. They toe the line of country and alternative rock, all while delivering an attitude that will keep putting these fellas on the map.

“Yellow Roses” can be taken as a tale of heartbreak and the aftermath of a relationship. Don’t let that give you the idea that this will have you depressed and somber, though, because the tune is one that you can easily jam out to with your buddies while pounding down some beers. There are killer acoustic riffs, rolling and pounding drums and vocals that will plant an earworm in your head. If you’re a fan of Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Cody Lee Meece or 49 Winchester, you will be a definite fan of this one.

Tanner Jones, who wrote the song, explains it this way: “Yellow Roses is an ode to love lost in quarantine. In life you have to choose. You have to boldly go head first into that decision if you want to win. You’ve got to be married to Rock n Roll and all that comes with that.”


“Yellow Roses”

Written by Tanner Jones, Jon “Deere” Green and R. Michael Cook.

Produced at Barrick Studios in Glasgow, Kentucky.

Produced by Richard Young

Co-produced by David Barrick

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