J.R. Carroll Releases New EP ‘Raging in the Dark’

J.R. Carroll, arguably the most rapidly rising singer-songwriter in the game right now, has finally blessed us with a brand new EP, Raging in the Dark. This being his second one since 2020, Carroll has once again shown off his lyrical chops as well as his powerful voice that fits perfectly to his music. The tracks include “Other Than That,” “Save Me,” “Don’t Lose Your Faith,” “Red Fern” and “Preacher Man.” “Other Than That” and Carroll’s most popular tune, “Red Fern,” were both previously put out as singles in the last month or two leading up to the release of the EP.

Carroll’s talent as a lyricist who has amazing pipes and a knack for clever wordplay and storytelling help him stand out from his peers. With such a huge boom of singer-songwriters recently, it becomes easy for artists to just blend in and not be heard. In this case, he has that certain way of conveying his story while keeping the musical aspect fresh, yet consistent. All of that equals a unique, stand-out musician who has a bright road ahead of him. That is J.R. Carroll.

Make sure to check out Raging in the Dark and support Carroll with each release!

Image from J.R. Carroll’s Instagram.


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