EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE – Brett Sheroky Releases a Beautiful Tribute to Love and Loss with New Single ‘Life Ain’t Always Pretty’

Album Cover Photo: Nadia Nuyens

“You gotta know the halfway empty, to know the halfway full. Life ain’t always pretty, but ain’t it beautiful.”

If you ever want to know love, it is inevitable that you will in turn know loss. The reality of life and death is such a bittersweet balance. As painful and gut-wrenching as it is, we all choose to create powerful bonds with those we love knowing someday that love will be replaced with grief. In that grief, Sea Gayle recording artist Brett Sheroky found inspiration for his new single, “Life Ain’t Always Pretty.”

“The idea came to me (Sheroky) when we lost my wife’s mother a few years ago. She was maybe the best person I’ve ever known. At her funeral it really hit me that the reason her loss was so incredibly hard was because her presence was incredibly wonderful. You can’t really appreciate the good in life without knowing the bad. The tradeoff is what makes life so beautiful. We wrote the song all around that.”

Photo: Nadia Nuyens

As if the message wasn’t beautiful enough in and of itself, Sheroky tugs on every last heart string as he tells the story with minimal instrumental accompaniment: acoustic guitar, violin and a few piano keys here and there. Simply put, you can feel the ups and downs of the joy and sorrow as the music carries you through the track. Writers Sheroky, Aaron Raitiere, and Brent Rupard took a tragic experience and turned it into a song that makes you realize all the pain of loss is worth the time well spent with those you love the most.

Photo: Nadia Nuyens

We always love having the opportunity to give our followers an early listen to the songs we believe in, and that always includes new tracks from our friend Brett Sheroky. Grab some tissues and hear “Life Ain’t Always Pretty” exclusively at Raised Rowdy.

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