Blacktop Mojo and Dylan Wheeler Team Up for Audioslave Cover ‘Getaway Car’

The rock band Blacktop Mojo recently teamed up with their fellow Texan, Dylan Wheeler, for a cover version of the 2002 Audioslave song “Getaway Car.” Their rendition dropped on July 20th, which happens to be the late, great Chris Cornell’s birthday, and is an absolute unit of a release. Blacktop Mojo’s lead singer, Matt James, and Dylan Wheeler have voices that are similar, yet different enough to mix smoothly, and also unique enough in their own style to trade verses off throughout the tune. Sonically, it maintains Audioslave’s original work while also paying tribute in their own way using their rock sound and soulful vocals. The bluesy guitar solo is also a very nice way to tie together the back end of the song.

If you’re an Audioslave, Chris Cornell, or just a rock fan in general, Blacktop Mojo and Dylan Wheeler put out some heat and I urge you to give “Getaway Car” a listen below!

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