J.R. Carroll Drops New Single ‘Other Than That’

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter J.R. Carroll released his new single, “Other Than That,” on July 7th. It’s pretty clear that he’s more than just a player in Zach Bryan’s band, and it’s awesome to see more and more people get exposed to his music. The song is filled with super clever lyrics that are unique to Carroll’s style and wit. On Instagram, he posted the story behind the song:

I wrote this song after coming back home from my first run on the road with Zach and the boys. Seemed like everyone I know was asking me what it was like and how I was, meanwhile I was heartbroken over a girl not wanting to be with me. I found myself saying “other than that, I’m doing fine” to a bunch of folks, and eventually it just kinda poured out and became a song. There’s something special about having a place to call home, and being able to come back to it is a blessing that I’ll always be grateful for. – @jrvcarroll

Carroll is definitely a name you need to know and keep and eye on if you’re into the singer-songwriter realm of music. Make sure to listen below!

Image from J.R. Carroll on Instagram.


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