Jeremy Pinnell Releases Live Single and Video of ‘Rodeo’ Featuring Arlo McKinley

Cover Image from “Rodeo” (featuring Arlo McKinley) Live at Southgate House Revival video.

Last October, Jeremy Pinnell held an album release party for his newest record Goodbye L.A. at The Southgate House Revival, which is famous around Northern Kentucky for being super unique in both aesthetic and atmosphere, mainly due to the venue being an old church from the mid-1800s. I attended the show and saw Pinnell for the first time and was personally blown away by not only his vocal skills in general, but by how excellently he conveys the soul and feeling of his lyrics in a live setting like that. His band was terrific, Arlo McKinley’s guest appearance was very cool to see, and the crowd was great from start to finish. I remember Pinnell bringing up McKinley after making a few cocaine jokes at his buddy and he then told us that the next song was going to be recorded. Well, it’s finally here.

The live rendition of “Rodeo” featuring Arlo McKinley was released on July 8th, along with a video of the performance. It’s actually pretty sweet to get a live cut of a song, which isn’t something that happens too often nowadays. As far as reviews go, it’s pretty consistent with what I said above. Pinnell crushed the song and McKinley complemented him well during the performance when he comes in to sing. Give it a listen, watch the video and make sure you listen to and support Jeremy Pinnell with his future work!


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