Kody West Continues to Rock with New Single ‘Falling’

Cover Photo: Chris Kleinmeier

If you’ve been following Kody West for a while, you’ll see pretty clearly that the rock edge is being turned to 11 and more heads are bangin’ with each single release. His newest piece of work is “Falling,” which was put out on July 1st. “Falling” is simply a killer rocker with a chorus that pulls you in and makes the song stick with you, and West has shown time and time again that he is pretty skilled at creating hooks like that. Aside from that, the release has guitar work that is textbook alternative rock with a punk influence that complements the rhythm section’s interesting and unique drum patterns and fills.

West’s vocals also deserve to be pointed out for a minute here. His voice was made for this type of music, I don’t care what anyone says. While always being melodic throughout, he can pull off the “scream” when he gets super high up in range and peppers it in throughout the song. In other words, he is a damn impressive singer and deserves every bit of attention he gets for it.

Listen to Kody West’s “Falling” below and keep an eye out for more to come from him!


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