Austin Meade Drops Funk Rock Fused Single ‘Red Roof Estates’

Death to disco? I don’t think so.

Austin Meade, who has made a name of himself tackling literally any music style and making it his own, hit us once again with a new single that is different than anything he’s done. “Red Roof Estates” was released on June 30th along with a brand new music video filled with the humor and creativity that Meade and his crew have shown off time and time again.

“Red Roof Estates” can best be summed up as a funk infused rock song with major disco influence. The four-on-the-floor beat with the prominent bass groove cements the dance beat, all while the guitar work and solo keeps it grounded, keeping Meade’s signature rock sound in the spotlight. Lyrically, we keep seeing his songwriting skills maturing with every release and this is no exception.

Now, if you are at least a little bit familiar with Meade’s music videos, you know you’re going to be watching some Grade A shit. You get the usual cast of characters in a hilarious predicament while the band is partying in the background. I’m no buff in the process of creating a music video, but the production is great and it’s certainly an entertaining watch.

Give “Red Roof Estates” a listen and if for some strange reason you aren’t aware of Austin Meade right now, go check out his work!


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