Palmer Anthony Puts Out Debut Record ‘Western & Roll’

Cover Photo: Andrew Quinn Productions (@aqptx on Instagram).

Fort Worth based singer-songwriter Palmer Anthony has finally released his debut album, Western & Roll, on June 24th after quite a few singles getting us ready for it. It has been cool to watch Anthony grow with each song he’d put out, but now that we have it all on a record we can really see what he was going for. While Western & Roll is centered around a very smooth style with the classic country instrumentals for the most part, which is best spotlighted in tracks like “Dance Hall Hell” and “Love Me Forever”, there are also songs like “Between You and Me” and “Happy for You” that explore more of the rock landscape.

There is some clever lyricism and creative wordplay in tracks including “Letterman” and “Over, Under,” which seems like something Anthony has a skill of pulling off, even in his first record. Another noteworthy song is “Meet Me in Texas” featuring the talented Graycie York, who complemented Anthony’s vocals flawlessly.

There is something for everybody on this record and it is definitely a great debut for Palmer Anthony. Make sure to give Western & Roll a listen and follow along with Palmer Anthony and any new music he has on the way!









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