Meet The Northern Kentucky Derby and their Garage Rock Approach

Straight out of Northern Kentucky comes – you guessed it – The Northern Kentucky Derby. Being only a duo, guitarist and vocalist Tyler Shelton and drummer Joey McCoy started the band only a couple years ago, but their social media presence and following have grown rapidly. Shelton and McCoy met in kindergarten and both grew up heavily influenced by classic rock and Green Day.

The Northern Kentucky Derby is simple. That’s the charm to it. A lot of bands tend to cover up their early recordings because they tend to lack professional production or the quality wasn’t at the level they’re now at. When a band embraces the garage rock style and pulls it off, however, they can make it their identity.

Garage rock isn’t as common as it was in the ’60s. In fact, the only big name that comes to mind in recent times who can be affiliated with it would be The Black Keys, but even they drifted further from that sound after the first few albums. Being a style that’s no longer very common, it’s refreshing for a new band to take that approach. The Northern Kentucky Derby certainly figured out a way to own it.

Speaking on their production method, the band explains, “Everything we’ve come out with so far has been recorded in a garage or an old bar.”

They released both an EP and an album in 2021 titled Songs From The Garage and DIY. On June 10th they dropped Bar Band. The record is mostly a cover album recorded in a bar from the 1800s with the guys paying tribute to old classic songs in their own style. Also included on the track list is one of their newest compositions, “45 pistol.”

“The process was pretty easy,” the band remembers when explaining the writing process for the tune. “We just started jamming that opening riff and the rest fell into place immediately. It’s just classic blues. We had the song and then our good friend, Zac Roe, came down and out the harp on it and it changed the song for the better.

For good music in its most raw form, The Northern Kentucky Derby is what you’re looking for. Give them a listen below and make sure to keep up to date on their socials!





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