Exclusive Premiere: Stephen Carey’s ‘On The Water’

Just in time for your first good burn on that boat you can’t really afford, Stephen Carey brought the heat with a track aptly called “On The Water,” and can we say THE VIBES ARE IMMACULATE. Stephen wrote this with Taylor Bialy, Lukas Scott and Matt Ferrari.
Stephen told us about the feel good song: “my favorite thing about this song is that it’s for everyone; it’s fully inclusive. It’s about the state of mind of being on the water meaning you are unreachable by the distractions and responsibilities of everyday life. You could be in a lawn chair with your feet in a kiddie pool or in your bathtub.”
So if you are snorkeling in the ocean or got that rubber ducky you got from the claw machine at Winners out in a bubble bath, it’s a great time to feel great, and that’s exactly what this track brings.

Carey is the son of DUVAL hailing from the great state of Florida. Jacksonville, Florida, to be exact. This track gets that Florida essence and brings it to people around the world. Stephen has had a lot of streaming success with some previous tracks (hit up Spotify or Apple to hear some more of his jams) and he JUST might have the best mustache in the game right now.

So crack a cold one, seltzer, Busch Light, Corona, or Liquid Death (whatever you are into) and enjoy this new summertime staple.  Life’s too short to not enjoy yourself and this track is bound to help you do just that.



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