Austin Meade Warns Us of the ‘Varsity Type’ in New Single

When you think they’re out of surprises, they throw you a curveball. Austin Meade has proven once again that he isn’t just a “Texas country artist” or a “Red Dirt songwriter”. In his new single “Varsity Type,” he has doubled down on his own style that you can’t fit into a genre, and that’s exactly where it’s supposed to be. If you love nostalgia and want something different, this is one you don’t want to miss.

I can preach all day that Meade is one of the most unique artists in the Texas scene. The songwriting that can relate to every person who listens to this is just one example. Meade’s lyricism is top notch in this particular tune and sets up the upcoming album perfectly, both with this release and the previously dropped single, “Loser Mentality.” Thematically, they seem to be similar in context and could possibly be the product of a concept album. Hard to say at this point in time, but what is definite at the moment is the absolute range that these musicians can cover. The melody, the riffing, the harmonization… and are those horns in the intro? Keyboards?

Either way, this is an exciting artist to watch out for. At this point, it would be foolish to call Meade an “up and comer” because he has forged his own path with his group of musicians. What they have done is advance and lead the spread of genre-bending that many follow, which should excite people.

This isn’t country. This is rock ‘n roll.

Listen to Austin Meade’s new single, “Varsity Type,” below:


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