EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Reid Morris’ ‘When a Small Town Grows’

Country as country can be. That is what it is all about in a lot of parts of the country, and that mentality and culture is what has produced some of Country music’s finest stars.
You could definitely say Reid Morris and his hometown in rural Georgia are VERY Country. Being the fourth generation in the same farming community, Reid helped plant watermelons with his grandparents on his great grandfather’s farm with the same breed of seeds his great grandfather planted, worked on antique cars with his grandfather, herded cattle, fixed fences, and went hunting and fishing. That is a pretty Country upbringing if you ask us – built from a small town and raised right.
Sometimes those small towns stay small, but often you live long enough to watch them grow.  Often the dirt roads turn into pavement and those fields start having a lot more developments pop up. The Dollar Generals turn into supermarkets and the Waffle Houses turn into craft beer bars.  Reid’s new song that he penned with Noah Hicks and Triston Marez, “When a Small Town Grows,” is about just that.
Reid got together with Noah Hicks on the farm one night to catch up and do some songwriting. After having a conversation about how much they’ve seen their hometown grow and change through the years, they decided to write about it. They finished half of the song and went back to Nashville. In a songwriting session with Triston Marez, Reid showed the song to Triston and they finished writing it together. Reid told us:  “The song felt very natural writing it with Noah and Triston because it’s a topic that we’ve all experienced first hand.”
The album cover is pretty special to Reid. It’s a drawing of his great grandfather’s barn, drawn by his aunt over 40 years ago before it was torn down. A windmill was added to replicate the windmill that is located behind a shopping center in his home town of Carrollton, Georgia. Then, the city skyline was added to show the city gradually creeping into the countryside.
The song gives you a good preview of Reid and his musical style so we are extremely happy to bring it to you here at Raised Rowdy. ENJOY!

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