IV and The Strange Band Drop Last Video and Single Leading Up to New Album Next Month

If there is any group that should be making quite the buzz right now, it would be IV and The Strange Band. Coleman Williams (IV), son of Hank III, and his group have put out four singles since April of last year and the last one was released on May 18th. With a music video to go along with it, “Deep Down” will surely get fans pumped for IV’s debut album.

The unique charm of this tune is the mixture of classic country sound with a punk rock flare that is consistent with the other releases from The Strange Band. Filled to the brim with heavy riffs and spooky atmosphere, plus IV’s ghostly delivery of his lyrics, this song is another example of why these guys are bringing a new and truly different attitude to country music.

Keep an eye out for IV and The Strange Band’s new album which will be releasing next month, but while you wait check out the new music video for “Deep Down” below!


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