Revelry Releases Southern Rockin’ ‘Woman, Woman’

Up-and-comers Revelry have yet again dropped another heater of a song. On May 13, the Murfreesboro, Tennessee based quintet (now with new drummer Cruze Blanke) released “Woman, Woman.” With this being only their fourth single, Revelry has continued to prove that they are here to make a name for themselves, which is evident in the quality of each tune being even better than the last.

“Woman, Woman” is heavily blues rock influenced with Revelry’s own Southern rock style driving it along. Ever since their first single, “Dirty,” every song has been very well produced and sonically pleasing, and “Woman, Woman” is no exception. With soulful vocals, gritty solos, and riffs that will pull you in like no other, Revelry really delivered on this one.

Listen to “Woman, Woman” below!


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