Josh Meloy Keeps the Singles Rolling with ‘Can’t Put The Bottle Down’

Josh Meloy has been picking up some serious steam just in the past few months, and it’s about time. The Oklahoma native released the single “Can’t Put The Bottle Down” on Friday, May 6th. With a very retro sound and classic country style, Meloy truly delivers with this tune. The unique raspiness of his voice really gives it character all while the band shows off their tightness and ability to sound different than a lot of other music that is currently in the Red Dirt scene.

That is what makes Meloy an artist to watch-being different. Being unique. Even though the Red Dirt scene is rich with talent and gifted songwriters, it is key to make your own path and do something that will always be yours. You can’t keep trying to be Cody Canada or Jason Boland forever. You have to find your own unique sound and style. Josh Meloy has it figured out.

All that being said, be sure to give “Can’t Put The Bottle Down” a listen below!


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