Matt Williams Releases New Rocker, ‘Always Be Around’

It’s pretty obvious what’s going on with the music coming out of Texas and Oklahoma. The riffs are getting heavier, the beats are becoming stronger and heads are starting to bang. Like any music genre, it grows and changes. Recently, there has been yet another example of the new sound sprouting out west. Matt Williams, with the help of his brother Mason who penned the tune, dropped a new single called “Always Be Around” on Friday, April 28th.

On the subject of how the song came to be, Mason explains, “I wrote Always Be Around in October of 2020. This song is influenced by a girl I knew I could never have who ultimately put me in the friend zone. I wanted to write a fun and lighthearted, opposite to the other tracks on the upcoming EP. It poked fun at today’s dating scene and the dreaded ‘just friends’ stage. I had a chord progression and melody that I had liked, and eventually sat down and finished the song in an hour or so on my parents’ couch.”

“Growing up listening to rock and grunge, it’s always been a style that I’ve gravitated to,” Matt remembers as he illustrates the new sound he’s going to explore. “We’re starting to let those influences show through in our music more. The entire new EP is like that. This new music is so fun to play live and I’m stoked with the direction we’re going musically.”

Give “Always Be Around” a listen yourself by clicking below!


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