EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE – Kasey Tyndall Drops Her Highly Anticipated Single ‘Jesus and Joan Jett’

You’ve heard the saying “big things come in small packages,” and if that doesn’t describe edgy, hard-hitting, boot-stomping artist Kasey Tyndall to a T, well then I don’t know what does. With her signature black leather jacket, high-heeled boots, larger than life personality, and powerful vocals, Tyndall takes command of any room she’s in. We’ve seen her do this time and time again with every song she sings. We have been following her rise for quite some time and anticipate her every release, but nothing comes close to the way we feel about her next and arguably best song to date. If you’ve been to a writers round, you’ve heard it. If you’ve been to show, you’ve requested it. If you’re just hearing about Kasey Tyndall for the first time, get ready for some country damn rock and roll. 

It’s true – after years of asking when will it be out – the wait is finally over. “Jesus and Joan Jett” drops tomorrow, February 11th, on all listening platforms. Tyndall penned the track with fellow writers Evan Coffman and Greylan James. I’m not sure any of them realized at the time just how much the song was going to resonate with fans, but they certainly know now. The song even caught the attention of Joan Jett herself. She loved it so much that she invited Tyndall to one of her shows in Atlanta and is looking forward to promoting the release.

Inspiration came from a very real place for Tyndall. “When faced with problems in life, I ask myself two questions. Number one and most importantly, ‘What would Jesus do?’ and number two ‘What would Joan Jett do?’ Add those up and I get my solution. That right there is where ‘Jesus and Joan Jett’ came from.” That concept translated into the chorus and blends the idea of the sinner and saint just perfectly. 

You can find me on the back pew after the front row
Got a bad reputation but I keep it on the down low
Got some black in my halo
A little misunderstood cuz they don’t know
Washed in the water and cleansed in the whiskey
Might even like me once you get me
Head bangin’, cross hangin’ down from my neck
I roll with Jesus and rock with Joan Jett

Tyndall, who signed a global publishing deal with River House Artists in partnership with Sony Music Publishing in August of ’21, has been busy on and off the road between writing and touring. She has shared the stage with renowned musicians like Joe Diffie, Kane Brown, Jamey Johnson, Stryper, and most recently Drake White. Tyndall did a run of shows last fall with White and the two hit it off – so much so that she was asked back out for a second run this spring.

Be sure to check out Kasey Tyndall on all social media platforms to hear about more new music and her upcoming tour dates. 

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Check out the link below for the Raised Rowdy EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE of Kasey Tyndall’s brand new single “Jesus and Joan Jett.”

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